In our shop, it is possible to buy and to order materials, which you can prepare the candles and candle products.

From here, you can either select and subscribe to the carved candles. In the short term we're specimens of this page, but, initially, you can select and view samples Gallery.  

When ordering larger quantities or     prices for the purchase of 400-600 euros-10%, more than             600 euro-20%.

NB! If necessary, we will send the candles on each side also by Estonian Post (Omniva)!                             We recommend  to send by Estonian post, an additional glass, to be delivered with care and by courier to your home, since we do not replace (do not send the new candles) candles, if it's going to be broken by transporting!!!  Up to 5 kg. by one  box must payd for about 10,50 euros, which you pay upon receipt of the package of arms for yourself or we pay if you have paid in advance for us!  

NB! Now is  possible  to buy gift vouchers to the value of EUR 25 and EUR 50!

Candleglaze 5 liter/100 eur.: 0,5 liter/ 15 eur.

Candlewick  : We have for sale candlewick different diameters :

  sizes 15  0,60eur/1m.  and 18: 0,70eur / 1m.

 sizes 24 and 36: 1,00eur / 1m.


(NB! These prices when purchasing from our site, or Executive store. In other stores may be the price of our goods significantly more expensive (up to 2 times).

The candles size and price:

7-8 cm -  7 eur.

10-11 cm - 8 eur.

13cm - 13 eur.

17-18cm the fine line - 13 eur.

17-18cm thick - 18 eur.

18-19cm the pyramid - 13 eur.

21-22cm-18 eur.

23-25cm - 23-25 eur.

31-32 cm - 40 eur

When you add décor collections for the complex and, in the case of the price for candles at the may increase, which we will discuss with you, of course, to advance through.

May, too, Subscribe to: thematic candles (for example, a company logo of company events):                   price negotiable.