Welcome, dear  candle fans. Now we have the pleasure to inform you that we are doing master classes,  with a duration of one and a half hours. Meister class price is 25 euro for one person. Age criterion is not more but less than 9 years is not recommended because it is a sharp knives. Master class, you can make your own carving candles, after which you take with you to home.  Of course we will help you in this exciting creative. For one and half hours includes an introduction, two small candle making, coffee break and making medium candles. Candles  you can afford to take to home. Registration by e-mail or phone. A pleasant meeting.

Also we make MK for the people who want to learning and make more carved candles. This kind of MK is for two days and all tohether is about 10-12 hours. You can make many diffirent sizes and kinds of candles, all together is about 21 candles. And of course a little coffe or tea.
This price is 500 eur., for every other person + 50%.
NB! Anyone who has gone through this our MK, continue to receive materials by purchasing 20% (except for the ready candles).